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Best warranty for window tinting and window film installation
It’s your home and your investment. Let us help you protect it!

Park City Tint is locally owned and offers a satisfaction guarantee that you won’t find anywhere else. We take pride in our superior service, satisfied customers, and most importantly, your home.

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How is windowfilm made?
Most window film is designed to be installed on the interior panel of the glass. It is a sheet of polymer which is vapor coated with a thin sheet of metal, so thin it can be seen through. Because it is metal, the color will not change over time.
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How does it look?
Many people, when they think of window film, think of the first-generation films that often bubbled or turned purple after a couple of years. Today’s high-quality films have come a long way! Some liken window film to having an excellent pair of sunglasses on. Window film can enhance your view by taking out harsh glare and making details stand out.
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How long does it last?
Most of today’s high-tech residential films come with written lifetime warranties and have life expectancies of fifteen or more years.
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