Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions about Park City Tint's window film products and installation process.
How is window film made?

Most window film is designed to be installed on the interior panel of the glass. It is a sheet of polymer which is vapor coated with a thin sheet of metal, so thin it can be seen through. Because it is metal, the color will not change over time.

How does it look?

Many people, when they think of window film, think of the first-generation films that often bubbled or turned purple after a couple of years. Today’s high-quality films have come a long way!
Having window film installed in your home or office could be compared to wearing an excellent pair of sunglasses: window film can enhance your view by taking out harsh glare and making details and colors stand out more clearly.

How long does it last?

Most of today’s high-tech residential films come with written lifetime warranties, and have life expectancies of fifteen or more years.

Will window film change the appearance of my home?

It can… for the better! Window film provides a more uniform appearance to the home. It can also increase your privacy by making it more difficult to see inside.

Will filming my windows eliminate fading and sun damage?

Not completely, although it will be greatly reduced by filming your windows. It is estimated that the amount of damage to occur behind an un-tinted window for one year would take approximately eight years behind a filmed window; however, certain dyes are particularly unstable and will fade more quickly than others.

Will my plants and flowers be affected?

Plants and Flowers are almost never affected by adding window film to your home. Certain plants will need to adjust to the different amount of light and radiation, but most plants will be fine.

Will I have to clean the windows before they are filmed?

No. The window film is installed on the interior side of the glass, and we will meticulously clean the glass prior to installation. On larger installations we will also clean the exterior panels.

Will window film affect my manufacturer’s glass warranty?

Possibly – if you are the original homeowner. Most glass companies do not transfer warranties to subsequent owners. Park City Tint does have a warranty which will pick up your existing warranty (with certain restrictions).

How do I clean the windows once they are filmed?

Clean them with any household cleaner, just nothing abrasive. If you have a professional window washer, ALWAYS make sure they know your windows are filmed! Window washers often use razor blades to get stubborn particles off the glass, and this will destroy the film.

Will window film darken my home?

No. It may take a couple of days to get used to the change, but we like to say that ‘window film takes away the bright, and leaves the light!

Will pets or kids damage the film?

It can happen. The film has a scratch resistant coating on it and is extremely durable, but it will not stand up to anything sharp scraping against it.

Will the visual quality of my glass remain intact?

Yes, if the film is inspected from a few feet away – the way we normally look at glass. If you get quite close to the film you may notice a few minute particles of airborne dust that may get between the film and the glass. Since we can’t install in ‘clean room conditions’; these particles are inherent to the use of window film and will not decrease its effectiveness.

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